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Rohan found herself  making bags in short, after not being able to find exactly what she wanted for herself ‘out there’.

 She creates timeless and functional bags from leather hides hand-picked for their natural tones, strength, suppleness and on occasion, out-of-the-ordinary finishes.

Rohan’s recipe for a good bag:

I am not a fan of the ‘must-have’, ‘statement’ bags that seem so far removed from their original source.  I prefer leather to look natural.  I love the grainy feel, the suppleness, the gentle give as you press it.   It is even possible to be a little bit fussy about the colours; mochas, tans and sage greens please. Bring on the metal fittings used, which are also important – mine are generally high quality antiqued brass – I am slightly ashamed to admit that one of the factors I use to judge other bags is the standard of zippers, hooks and buckles..  And then we move on to linings..  Why have a plain black or white lining, when you could have felted wool flannel, or a hand-painted lily on closely woven linen?   The exteriors of my bags are generally subtle and understated, but the interiors can be secretly indulgent or extrovert.

I believe the best bag can only come from the best ingredients.

“Earthy bags with a subtle helping of urban chic”



 Rohan - leather drawstring bag